Bathing at Westminster Animal Group and Hospital

The Importance and Benefits of Grooming and Bathing a Dog

Grooming is an opportunity for you to fully inspect your dog and check for sores or abrasions that need to be treated. Matted hair and dirt can cover delicate areas and even lead to infections over time if you don’t take care to clean the area. Additionally, grooming and bathing your dog will help to ensure that they’re a-1not housing any parasites like fleas or ticks. Above all, though, cleanliness is important for the comfort of your family.

If you don’t have time to complete the full grooming process yourself or have a hard time knowing exactly how to manage them in the bathtub or where to clip their nails you should call in a professional. The grooming professionals at Westminster veterinary Group include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland inspection with every dog grooming. Plus, they can be booked any day of the week for your convenience!



Canine under 30 lbs$25.00
Canine 30-60 lbs$35.00
Canine 61-90 lbs$45.00
Canine more than 90 lbs$51.50
Medicated Bath add-on$5.00






Baths include: Bathing, brushed out, ear cleaning, anal gland expression and nail trim.


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