Caring for Your Rabbit

Often we see rabbits and the pet parents on a regular basis. We see some great care of rabbits and then there are days we know there is a lack of knowledge of how to care for a rabbit or senior rabbit. We want to educate clients on best care tips for a rabbit.
The first thing is yearly appointment with a knowledgeable veterinarian. Here are some simple tips for a rabbit care:

  1. Diet review-know the nutritional needs and proper diet habits
  2. Flea control applied
  3. Bloodwork drawn and lab tested
  4. Check the perianal area for cleanliness
  5. Monitor for molar issues by watching for drooling, rubbing the face, and unable to eat
  6. Watch for clogged eye ducts
  7. If you observe any changes in weight, posture, uneven gait while moving, lumps or bumps, coughing and changes in urine output report immediately to your veterinarian.

Examine your pet regularly while grooming your rabbit. If you see any changes in your rabbits health according to the list above, you need an appointment please call 714-899-1100. Waiting too long to resolve an issue can leave your pet in pain. Our goal is to keep a pet parent well informed and a pet rabbit pain free and happy. Our doctors are here to give advice, support, education, and even some rabbit pampering.

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