Safety for your Pet, Think Insurance

A rapidly growing pet concentrated industry is the insurance sector for pets. This occurs for a few reasons; more pets pet households, increased homeownership, revenue increases, and better product introduction to the market. Industry insurance products now include accident and illness, accident only, dog insurance with wellness plans included, cat insurance with wellness plans, and specific dog or cat policies.

There are many good reasons to get pet insurance. First, the insurance does help to curb the cost of care especially if there is an emergency. Some of the new policies come with emergency and wellness care coverage up to 90% reimbursement on veterinary care expenses. Also, insurance products now offer alternative deductible plans annually charging $100 -$250 or incident specific deductible plans. There is now more value in the plans offered and not as many limits of reimbursement.

Things to consider before purchasing

  • How much does the plan cost?
  • Is wellness included?
  • What type of care is included (general, emergency, chronic conditions, and specialists)?
  • How will reimbursements work?

The downside of any insurance is the exclusion of pre-existing conditions and some breed specific conditions. Although, with thorough research of the plans offered by many companies like Nationwide, Trupanion, American Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animals, VPI, Petplan, and Embrace; an owner can reap the rewards of being prepared to care for their pet in an emergency or healthy life. See our insurance resource page for help in deciding what pet insurance is best for you.


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