Westminster Veterinary Group has joined forces with Dog is Good for the “BOLO Project”WVG has joined forces with Dog is Good for the “BOLO Project”

The BOLO project was conceived as a way to raise awareness of the remarkable work dogs do for people every day. Under the auspices of Leader Dogs for the Blind, Dog is Good (www.dogisgood.com) will raise a future leader dog for its first year.

Leveraging social media and high profile sponsorships, the project will publicly inform and showcase what is perhaps the ultimate connection between dogs and humans – providing “sight.” The BOLO Project will last approximately one year – the time from when the puppy (BOLO) is about 8 weeks old until it is ready to begin the actual guide dog training.

THE BOLO PROJECT, a yearlong fundraiser to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind, will begin September 2013. There are several opportunities to partner with the program throughout the year to drive awareness of your business and associate you with this great fundraising program.

Westminster Veterinary Group is donating Bolo’s medical services for an entire year and Dr. Greenberg is thrilled to be Bolo’s veterinarian during this time. We are very excited to accompany him during his development and special journey.

To read how Dr. Greenberg and Westminster Veterinary Group joined together to sponsor the “Bolo” Project, click here

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